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In collaboration with the California Department of Education (CDE) Counseling Student Support and Service-Learning Office, WestEd has developed a supplementary module specifically for schools that offer Service-Learning to students.

The six-question module collects information from students on the quality of their service-learning activities. WestEd produces a report for each participating Local Education Agency (LEA) describing the effects that service-learning has on a number of domains measured by the CHKS.

One of the key areas examined is how the level of service learning relates to environmental supports and opportunities (protective factors) in the form of "caring relationships," "high expectations," and "meaningful participation." Of these three areas, data indicated that service learning could have the greatest impact on the area of personal relevance, as measured by "meaningful participation."

The research on the importance of meaningful student engagement in school and its impact on improved academic achievement is compelling. There are also positive effects reported for reducing the dropout rate and increasing successful post-secondary transitions.

For more information about CalServe and Service-Learning contact Michael Brugh, CalServe Consultant, CDE: (916) 319.0543

For information about this module, contact Kiku Annon at or (562) 799.5127.

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