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Local Special Projects

Santa Rosa and Sonoma Gang Reduction Project

The City of Santa Rosa in collaboration with WestEd developed a custom module focused on assessing the scope and nature of gang activity for all schools in Santa Rosa, for grades 5 and up. The module asks questions on after-school activities, safety, violence prevention, and youth development. This module was created as part of the city’s push to confront gang involvement among youth and is funded by a city measure passed by voters. This module was later developed into the CHKS Gang Risk Assessment Module (GRAM).

See survey module. For information about this project, contact Leslie Poynor at or (510) 302.4241.

University of California, San Francisco and the Alameda County School Health Centers

Founded in 1996, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency’s Center for Healthy Schools and Communities (formerly Alameda County School Health Services Coalition) is a unique collaboration of adolescent health advocates and providers who share their expertise, insights, and experience to improve the delivery of health care in schools across Alameda County. Since 1998, the Center has partnered with a team from the University of California, San Francisco’s Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies to implement an evaluation of their School Health Centers. As part of this evaluation, Alameda County schools with School Health Centers, or school districts planning for a health center, administer a custom health care module as part of their California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS). The goal of the custom module is to elicit information about student health care needs and service utilization, as well as their satisfaction with and perceived impacts of School Health Center services.

For more information about the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, please contact Marta Lutsky, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, at (510) 667-7416 or

For more information about the Evaluation of the Alameda County School Health Centers, please contact Shelly Kaller, University of California, San Francisco, at (415) 476.0720 or

For more information about this module, contact Leslie Poynor at or (510) 302.4241.

San Diego Supplemental Module

Approved by the San Diego County Office of Education, these 10 questions (for middle & high school) are strongly encouraged to be added by all districts to help the county track accessibility of ATOD in the county. One version is only these items and the other is the Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG) items followed by the accessibility items.

Middle and High School Version:

Marin Healthy Partnerships Community Needs Assessment

Healthy Marin Partnership was formed in response to Senate Bill 697, a legislative mandate that requires communities to complete a needs assessment every three years. Each assessment guides community planning for the three years that follow. Marin County choose a collaborative community assessment process with leaders from hospitals, the Marin County Office of Education. and Marin County Health and Human Services, along with other key stakeholders, joining forces to produce this triennial community needs assessments.

Results of the California Healthy Kids surveys are a primary source of youth-related data for this needs assessment, which focuses on four issues affecting youth and community: high-risk alcohol use; tobacco use; nutrition; and physical activity. Uniform data provided by the survey allow an in-depth look at social norms and environmental factors that result in conditions and behaviors affecting the health of young people. These data also serve to identify areas that deserve to be highlighted or need improvement.

For more information about the Marin Healthy Partnership contact Theresa Rockas at For information about this module contact Leslie Poynor at or (510) 302.4241.

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