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Administer the Survey

The Cal-SCHLS survey system CHKS, CSSS, and CSPS procedures are based on over twenty years of experience in school-based survey research and have been designed to minimize the burden on staff in planning and conducting the survey.

To sign up for any of the Cal-SCHLS Surveys (CHKS, CSSS, CSPS) within California, Local Education Agency (LEA) should take the following steps:
To sign up for any of the Cal-SCHLS Surveys outside of California, click here).

STEP 1: Review Materials

First, assign a district Survey Coordinator. It is essential that the District Survey Coordinator understand the basic tasks involved in survey administration. Before calling your Regional Survey Center (Step 2), you MUST review the following material, located on this website:

STEP 2: Prepare the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Contact your Cal-SCHLS Regional Center (formerly, the CHKS Regional Center) to request the  Memorandum of Understanding.

STEP 3: Register for your Survey

A staff technical advisor will send you the registration materials and help you in developing your survey plan

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