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AOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs)

  1. If you drink alcohol, what type do you most often drink?
    1. I don’t drink alcohol
    2. Beer
    3. Hard liquor
    4. Wine or wine coolers
    5. ‘Alco-pops’
    6. Other
  2. Where do most students at your school who use drugs get them?
    1. At school
    2. At parties or events outside of school
    3. At home
    4. In the neighborhood
    5. Don’t know
  3. In the past 12 months, have you talked calmly with your parents/guardians about the dangers of marijuana use?
    1. No
    2. Yes
  4. How do you think your parents/guardians would feel about you drinking alcohol?
    1. Would strongly disapprove
    2. Would somewhat disapprove
    3. Would not disapprove

Please note: the questions listed are those that have been used in various custom modules to-date. These questions are intended to be used as guides only, as WestEd does not make claims to their utility. Clients wishing to develop a custom module should do so in consultation with their Cal-SCHLS Regional Center.

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