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Administration Instructions and Assurance of Confidentiality Agreement

Individual-level instructions for the school site coordinators, teachers, and proctors are available below to aid in the training of your staff.

Be sure to download the instructions appropriate for the type of consent you are using.


All Instructions

The School, Teacher, and Proctor Instructions are available in one convenient packet.

School Instructions
The School Instructions are designed for the coordinator organizing the CHKS survey effort at each school in cooperation with the District Coordinator. They outline the School Survey Coordinator’s role in selecting classrooms, notifying teachers, tracking parent consent, selecting and training survey proctors, and administering and returning the surveys.

Teacher Instructions
The Teacher Instructions describe the teachers’ responsibilities regarding parent consent, survey preparation, setting up the classroom on survey day, and coordinating with the survey proctor.

Proctor Instructions and Assurance of Confidentiality Agreement
The Proctor Instructions are designed for use by the teacher or others who may administer the survey in the classroom. They include an Assurance of Confidentiality Agreement for proctors to sign and an Introductory Script to read to students.

Download All Instructions (School, Teacher, Proctor, and Assurance of Confidentiality Agreement):

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