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Query CHKS screen capture

  • 1. Query CHKS offers data related to three general Categories broken down into eight Topics.
  • 2. Clicking on a Topic will reveal data indicators that are available for that Topic.
  • 3. Data for most of these indicators have been broken down into 3 subsets; by Gender and Grade Level; by Race/Ethnicity; and by Level of Connectedness to School. Clicking on any of the indicator subsets will take you to a data display and customization page.

School Safety screen capture

  • 4. On this page, you will find a table that displays your search results for the state of California. (CA state data will always be provided in table from at the beginning of any search. If you do not wish to include CA state data in your data displays, you may remove CA in the Choose Counties and School Districts menu, under Your Selected Regions.)
  • You may customize the data displays in three ways:
  • 4a. Use the Table, Trend, Map, Bar, or Pie tabs to change the type of data display.
  • 4b. Use the Customize This Table menu to further break down your results along additional Indicator subsets and to create new data comparisons.

School Safety screen capture

  • 4c. Use the Choose Counties and School Districts menu to select or remove any number of specific counties or districts, as follows:
    • Click on the county name to see your data choices.
    • Click on County-Level Data, All school districts in…, or the names of individual districts to add these regions to your query. Your selections will appear in the Your Selected Regions box.
    • Click on the orange Submit button after making your selections.
    • During your query, you may add county or district data to the displays you are currently viewing by using the procedure described above.
    • You may remove state-, county-, or district-level data from your displays by clicking on the “x” next to the name in the Your Selected Regions box.
    • Be sure to click Clear All Regions before beginning a new query or before selecting new Indicator subsets.
  • 5a. Clicking on Back to Categories/Topics in the top, right corner will return you to the Query CHKS home page where you can begin a new query.
  • 5b. You may also select a different Indicator or subset within the Topic currently being displayed by using the pull-down menu, Select Other Topic Indicators, also in the upper right-hand corner. NOTE: You will need to re-enter the counties or school districts you want to view once you select new Indicators or variables using either the Back to Categories/Topics or the Select Other Topic Indicators links.
  • 6. You may currently download some of your data displays by “cutting and pasting” them into a word document. However, color, styles, and some other formatting may not be transferred to your new document. By mid-October, we will have a fully-functional download system in place that will give you more options for downloading and manipulating your displays just as they appear on our site.

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