Training & Support

Use of the CHKS is supported by a wide range of training materials and other resources for presenting your data. The survey’s administration instructions, workshops, guidebooks, workbooks, and presentations are described and posted below for downloading. See other publications that describe the survey or survey results.

Guidebooks for the Cal-SCHLS

The following guidebooks provide integrated administration instructions for the student (CHKS), staff (CSCS), and parent (CSPS) surveys. The guidebooks provide descriptions of the tasks common to all three surveys as well as more detailed instructions for the student survey (including sampling, parent consent, etc.).

For California Schools and Districts

Guidebook to the California School Climate, Health, & Learning Surveys, 2014-2015 Edition (pdf)

For Schools and Districts Outside of California

Guidebook to the Healthy Kids School Climate Surveys, 2014-2015 Edition (pdf) - Coming Soon! Available 8/31

Companion guidebooks are also available for the California School Climate Survey for teachers and other staff.

Helpline (888.841.7536)

Survey specialists provide on-call consultation in all aspects of survey implementation and use through the Cal-SCHLS toll-free Helpline. Supporting this service is a comprehensive database that includes profiles for every school district conducting the survey, monitors their survey needs and issues, and tracks the services provided.

Cal-SCHLS System Regional Centers

Three Cal-SCHLS Regional Centers provide technical assistance based on localized knowledge. Calls placed to the survey Helpline (888.841.7563) are automatically directed to the school district's own Regional Center. Visit Contact Us for a listing of staff in each center.

Expert Consultant Pool

Non-grantee schools may obtain additional assistance by contacting a school climate consultant.

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