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Read what clients are saying about the Healthy Kids Survey and how it has made a difference in their districts, schools, and communities.

Providing Valuable Services and Reports

“The data analysis reports that we receive are excellent! We have used them extensively with the district coordinator group, management, and in a report to the [School] Board." – Empire Union School District

Obtaining Grant Funding

“I am convinced that our ability to track tobacco use rates over time using the CHKS is what won us our 6th Tobacco Use Prevention Education grant. I was able to show, using consistent data, that our strategies were sound and working. I was able to show areas around ethnicity where we need to concentrate and wrote strategies to address these areas.” — Alameda City SD

“Our district was able to obtain the Safe Schools/ Healthy Students Federal initiative using the results of CHKS data as baseline data. We also continue to use the CHKS results for our required semi-annual and annual reports we submit to the feds as part of our GPRA measurements.” — Soledad SD

“[As a result of the surveys] we have put a peer counseling program in place, used it for tobacco prevention instruction, implemented an anti-bullying campaign, and organized teen dating violence programs. We only implemented it this year, but already we have seen a slight reduction in bullying and derogatory comments by students about other students.” — Oakland Military Institute

“This data is used in our WASC reports as leverage for student support systems and to drive curriculum need and staff development needs for our health, PE, science teachers. All of our support groups on our campuses are the result of data from CHKS. As a result of this data we have implemented more student intervention/prevention programs and have reduced our suspensions by over 50% at our middle schools in the past two year.” — Dublin USD

“We use the CHKS to plan many events at our school, and to look at overall trends. We base many of our Site goals on CHKS data, and use it to help us inform our health and safety budget decisions. Last year, based on our data, we went around to all of our classes to talk about gender issues and harassment. As a result of those workshops our school saw a significant decrease in overall harassment. Based on other CHKS data, we ramped up ramped up our Drug and Alcohol Education at every grade level and developed a Healthy Body Image program. We share the results in parent education events, particularly to talk about the benefits of caring relationships and resiliency promotion within the community and at home. This all came up due to our CHKS data." — Larkspur School District

"When we see a change in our CHKS data, we sit down with partners and administrators to discuss the ‘plan of attack’ so to speak and use support staff or staff hired under the grant to address and meet the needs of the students and the community…. We have noticed a growth in services, both on campus and within the community. Because we have been able to demonstrate a need, our family advocates have been able to contact service providers and bring them into the schools to work with families and students. There has been a great community connection with law enforcement; it is more positive and the community sees them as a resource. There has been growth in the acceptance of behavioral health services with regard to addressing the needs and getting the help. For a long time, mental health concerns have been deemed taboo within our community, but thanks to psycho-educational classes, more parents are aware and have an understanding of issues that our children may deal with, and they are reaching out for the help. They are also working with our students in various group settings. All these changes have also affected staff. Now staff members know they have resources available to help with concerns they have regarding a student and support teams have been established at each school site because of this." — Soledad SD

Raising Local Awareness and Program Planning/Support

"The CHKS provides data to help schools and classes make decisions about curriculum, strategy, issues students face etc… I am especially looking forward to the disaggregation by ethnicity since we completed the CTAG portion.” — Campbell Union High SD

“We are looking at school safety and bullying very closely because of our CHKS data.” — San Mateo Foster City SD

“District and school level data are used to report back to the School Community Violence Prevention committees as well as the site administration. Administration appreciates the CHKS and its amalgamation into trends. This helps put suspension and expulsion data into context; and helps plan for any changes to the grant.” — Debra Kubin, Willits SD

Promoting School-Community Collaboration and Strategic Planning

"The County Substance Abuse Advisory Board wants to work with our schools to design collaborative, needs-driven, school-based prevention programs. What better way to achieve this than the CHKS! We have, for the first time, the data to determine our needs and to design our prevention programs." — Contra Costa County Substance Abuse Advisory Board

Promoting Youth Resilience & Positive Development

"Planning and implementing the CHKS provided the impetus for the development of true school-community collaboration for the first time… and enthusiasm for the resilience assessment played an important role." — Contra Costa County Office of Education

Instructional Value

"We used the CHKS Core with middle school students who are taking a Wellness education class. The teacher reports the survey questions to stimulate discussion, so there is instructional value." — Ventura County Medical Center, Evaluator for the school health programs

Monitoring Progress

“I use the CHKS data for the schools in which I have grant funded projects to determine if our programs and services are effective.” — Gabriela Baeza, San Diego COE

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