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Create Your Own Module

Sample Custom Questions by Topic:

Please note: the questions listed are those that have been used in various custom modules to-date. These questions are intended to be used as guides only, as WestEd does not make claims to their utility. Clients wishing to develop a custom module should do so in consultation with their Cal-SCHLS Regional Center.

Customize Your Survey

In order to better meet the unique needs of your LEA, we have designed the CHKS for easy customization. We offer three ways to create a survey that is specifically tailored to address the issues and circumstances facing your students. In addition to the core questions on the CHKS, you can:

  1. select an existing Supplementary CHKS Module or Modules;
  2. create a custom module by adding questions you develop; or
  3. combine individual questions from the Supplementary Modules that are especially relevant to your school’s special needs (for examples, see categories listed above).

Questions can refer to a topic, a program (for evaluation purposes) or, in fact, almost anything about which additional information is needed. It’s a simple way to get targeted, useful data on something unique to your school or district. The Guidebook to the Cal-SCHLS (pdf) provides ideas for customization.

Tips on creating a custom module

  • Custom modules cannot be longer than 62 questions. To keep the survey length appropriate, we recommend that you add no more than 20 additional questions.
  • Avoid using the word "or" and do not use "etc." after e.g. or i.e.
  • Adjust the wording to suit the grade level.

For information about costs and services please contact us.

Browse the categories above for a current list of questions that schools have already developed.

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