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Parent Consent

Key Points

While determining which type of consent to use when surveying, keep in mind:

  • Active Consent must be used for grades K-6.
  • Passive Consent must be used for grades 7-12 in accordance with your school board’s policy.
  • Using Passive Consent can dramatically increase your response rates.
  • For tips on increasing consent returns, read our Tips for Raising Participation Flyer (pdf).
  • Examples of school board policy regarding active or passive consent can often be found by contacting your County Office of Education.

Districts administering the California Healthy Kids Survey are required to obtain parental consent. This can be done through two methods, active or passive consent. To assist we have included an Introductory Letter that can be sent out along with the Parental Consents to help parents/guardians fully understand the surveys purpose and value. For additional information about the appropriate use of active versus passive consents, read Guidelines for Passive Consent (pdf).

Introductory Letter

Please note: Beginning in 2009-10 we created specific consents for each grade range – elementary, middle, and high. Please select the appropriate grade range in active or passive consents for your schools.

Elementary Schools

Active Consent Only

Under active consent a permission form is sent home with students. Parents/guardians must return the form in order to give their permission.

Middle Schools and High Schools

Passive Consent

Under passive consent a form is sent home with students notifying parents about the survey. Parents/guardians return the form only if they do not wish for their child to participate.


Need other translations?

CDE has had the Introductory Letter and the Parental Consents for Active and Passive translated into various languages.

Translated Passive

Translated Active

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